How To Design Your Own Rug?

25 Oct    Home Decoration
custom made rug

Rugs have become important when it comes to interior design. You will find a room decorated with a perfect rug in the middle of the side. Whether it is a bedroom or an office, a rug has become a necessity. It is not just a piece of cloth lying on the floor. It adds meaning to the room. It highlights the theme of the room and adds color and texture to the room making it look more vibrant and welcoming.

Some people are very concise about the rug that they want to put in their room which is why they prefer to customize their own rugs. There are a lot of companies out there that allow you to create your own rug. So we can say that you can get custom made rugs from the stores as well.

Use your imagination and creativity and create something meaningful and personal using the power that you have. A custom made rug is unique and sometimes act as quite the gift that you want to give to your loved ones. Adding a picture or a quotation on it with the texture and the color of your choice and say a lot about the kind of personality you possess.

Questions that you must ask yourself before designing your rug

There are a lot of aspects that you need to cover before designing your own rugs. So let us talk about the questions that will help you figure out the things that you should keep in mind and how they will help you create your own unique and personal rug.

  • What color you want for your rug?
  • How big you want your rug to be?
  • What is your budget?
  • What fiber you want your rug to be made of?
  • Do you want to go with the regular rectangular shape or do you want to change it a bit?
  • How do you want to design it? Do you want to go with a picture or a saying or just artistic?

These questions will give you a start and I believe that starting is the hardest part when it comes to creativity. Just grab a pencil and a paper and start designing your perfect rug. Once you are done with the design then you can move on to the above questions and give life to that artistic sketch that you just drew on paper. Good Luck!