Learn All About Plantation Shutters

28 Mar    Renovation
plantation shutters Adelaide

Plantation shutters are used on the windows and doors of homes or offices for protection, safety, security, privacy, light control, and neat appearance. You must get your hands on these shutters for your home. Here in this article, we are going to learn much more in detail about the plantation shutters Adelaide and all such amazing shutters which exist in the market right now. Let us get started with the details now.

Why are they called plantation shutters?

The origin of the name Plantation shutter is very interesting. It is coming from the South American region where they were first made and people started using them at homes. In these places, many plants are growing, such as coffee plants, tobacco, sugar, and much more. These were called Plantations, and as the shutters are made there first, so the name was given as plantation shutters.

Are they the same as regular shutters?

Well, there is a difference between the traditional irregular shutters and the contemporary plantation shutters in many ways. Here are the main points that show the differences between them.

  1.   The regular one is small in size while the plantation shutter is wide in overall size and shape.
  2.   The style of louver in case of plantation shutter is much wider as compared to the regular one which has a very narrow louver.
  3.   The space in between the slats is less in regular ones while in plantation shutters, it is more so that when you open and close, there will be a clear difference in the light, etc.

Do they add value to your home?

Well, we all know how much value these shutters add to the homes because they remain in them all the time and keep on providing various benefits. You can simply buy them or even build yourself for the home windows so that they may cost you less, and at the same time give a very classy look to the home.


Well, you must have heard about so many places where these shutters are made, such as plantation shutters Adelaide, etc. All of these options are of great value because they bring so much positivity to the whole system of your home in which you want to install them. So, try to just get your hands on them and install them in your home and even office windows.