Tips for Electrical Spotter

28 Sep    Commercial
electrical spotter

Do not mix water and electricity; it is lethal near swimming pool. In the vicinity of the swimming pool, the electrical shocks are received and these are fatal. These electrical shocks are risky in every condition and locations due to minimum clothing and bare feet. The wet skin reduces the body’s resistance and insulation. No one should be careless regarding electricity lines, energy wires and other equipment. You cannot sacrifice your life for the livelihood. With the help of the electrical spotter, you can overcome the risks of the electricity. Be careful in the use of the electrical assets such as scaffolding, drilling rigs, and elevated work platforms, earth moving equipment, concrete pumps and cranes.

It is important to hire an efficient electrical safety service to maintain the safety and keep appropriate distance from underground and overhead electrical service. Safe distance is different as per the voltage and size of the powerlines. The role of the electrical spotters is to detect those working in the locality of power lines. The spotters not allowed undertaking other duties like traffic control or dogging. The electrical spotter Melbourne is always helpful to keep you safe.

Look down, look up and live when working at home

Beware of the power lines attached to your shed or house when you are performing around the home. Always be informed with the safety rules and precautions.

  • You should be informed with the net of the electric wires
  • Keep away all the Metal ladders and make sure that you are on the rubber or the wooden ladder.
  • If you are digging around the area then it is good to identify the locations of the cables and underground pipes before breaking the grounds.

Limit your activities near Powerlines

Avoid playing near the powerlines. Activities such as climbing trees, model plane, flying kites and sailing are harmful for you. Do not fly model aero planes, drones and other recreational activities.

How to manage trees near Powerlines?

Shrubs and trees rising in close proximity to powerlines can cause power surges, balckouts fires and safety risk. Their branches and foliage must be kept clear. The infrastructure of the electricity area should be clean and clear.

Safety tips to manage trees

  • Ask the company to check the plant low growing species in your area.
  • Only authorized power line pruning contractors can prune trees.
  • You should check foliage or tree branches for overhead powerlines.
  • Prune the shrubs and trees before it grows over one meter.
  • Do not prune in high-winds.

The electrical spotters always work in a unique way. They observe storm from their vehicle from the position other than their business and home. In many areas these are assigned as per the demand of the locations. These electrical spotters are informed to access the spot to help people in case of the emergency.

How to contact them?

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