What are the Motorised outdoor blinds in Sydney and how it works?

24 Sep    Home Decoration

Have you ever listen about the electric or motorised outdoor blinds in Sydney? If not, then this article is for you. Let us describe these blinds first.

What are motorised outdoor blinds?

These are a type of blinds designed to control the entry of external elements like natural light, heat, and solar energy. Such screens or blinds not only block the sun rays, heat, etc., but it also allows you to extend the outdoor living areas while maximising the benefits of glass. The increased privacy and security are the most valued functions provided by any kind of blind.

The best part of these blinds is that these are a convenient option for anyone who doesn’t want to get out of bed to shut out the sun and get some more sleep. A motorised blind means that you don’t have to make an effort, all you have to do is flip a switch or push a button and let your favourite blinds effortlessly open or close. 

How does it work?

These blinds are designed to work by using a small motor or a battery. Still, there are some other options for powering motorised blinds. There are three types of major systems that are used to power these blinds. Whatever system you pick, all these are used to gently turn the blind shaft at the touch of a button. It enables the blind fabric to roll up or down a vertical window. Plus, it also enables the blind fabric to roll across a sky lantern, to shade or uncover the glazing.

The three systems are:

Battery wand: It is the simplest option, and still the most common one. It can power your blinds with an attached battery tube, which is generally either hidden behind the shade, along the wall or built into the shade itself.

Hard wired: It accompanies a power adaptor that is usually plugged into a wall outlet. These are the best options as they don’t require changing batteries. Additionally, If you have heavy blinds, then these are the ideal choice as the large and big blinds can drain batteries very quickly.

Solar Powered: These are right next to a natural power source that is sunlight. These blinds use the solar panel system, which is mounted behind the shade facing outwards to catch direct sunlight and its unit connects to the motor.

So, there are also many other ways to power your motorised outdoor blinds in Sydney. Choose according to your lifestyle and decoration of your home.