How to do the asbestos removal near me yourself?

25 Jun    Renovation

If you look back many years, we can find out that asbestos what’s the material that was used in the building of the houses. If we move towards the late 70s and 80s, research finds out that this material was the primary cause of a lot of serious diseases that people were experiencing at that time. That’s why every government all around the world Banned the use of asbestos in the buildings. Manufacturing of this material gradually passed out from the market, and people started asbestos removal near me from those buildings which already had it. 

There are many building owners that have asbestos on their place and started to complain that hiring an expert for the removal of the asbestos is very expensive. That’s why they started to do this work by themselves. If you keep the safety precautions in your mind, you can remove the 10 square metres of asbestos without an issue. But you should have the licence to do this work if you want to remove more than 10 square metres. Here are some safety guidelines if you’re going to remove the asbestos by yourself:

  •  Work safely:

You have to make sure that you wear the approved personal protective equipment from the government. These equipment include a pair of gloves, a hat, overalls, and safety goggles. This protective equipment is essential for your safety when you are doing asbestos cladding. You should avoid smoking, drinking, or eating at the site of work. This will ensure that you don’t swallow or inhale any kind of asbestos dust. 

After you are done with work, you have to wash your hands and face using soap thoroughly and in a quarter before you take your meal. Also, avoid using power tools because they can boost the release of fibres. You should also prevent the water blasting, but if it accidentally happens, you should immediately call an expert to continue the remaining work. Before removing asbestos, you have to wet the area gently with the water so that asbestos does not become airborne. 

  • Inform People:

Before the asbestos removal near me,  you should have to inform your family and your neighbours that you are going to remove this harmful thing. Seal the working area until you complete the work and clean the place. It will help to prevent this dangerous substance from getting to your place. As a result, no one gets infected or gets an illness.