Shade Sails Brisbane

How To Install The Shade Sails In Brisbane?

The Shade Sails Brisbane are used for many purposes. You can install them in your home or your garden very easily but it is important to consider your location before deciding to install it. There are many factors to consider such as:

  • Size of the shade sail is important.
  • The strength of the anchor points of the existing structures is important.
  • The ability to insert the fixing posts.
  • Consider the location of barbecues.
  • The direction of the sun

There are some installation tips you can follow.

Determine the right fixing points for your shade sails. It is important to know where you want to install the shade sail. Once you consider the location, it can be easy to determine the fixing corners for the installation of the shade sails. There are many existing points available in your luxury homes such as a sundeck, large tree, and fence post or fascia. The installation stage can be critical. You need to make sure that all the fixing points are structurally sound. If you are unsure about the fixing points, you should discuss with the builder. You should take the permission for installation of the shade sails form the local authorities for building regulations.  You will need fixing accessories. There are many types of fixing accessories available in the market that ensure your shade sails are secure. They are normally available from the hardware supplier.

You will need a chain if you want to extend the shade sails. Always choose the best accessories for your shade sails which are suitable during the installation process. If you want to fix the shade sails in Fascia, it is strongly recommended to use the Fascia support. This support system is used for connecting the overhangs of rafters to Fascia ledgers that provide a strong connection between the two and also improve the strength. You must use the trees for fixation of the shade sails for only temporary usage. It is important that the diameter of the tree is about 250mm(9.75”) away from the shade sails. If you want post support, you can use treated softwood. Hardwood can also be used but it must belong to the first class. You can take assistance from your local timber supplier. Also, determine the post length with the proposed height of the sail and also the depth of the footings.  You can clean the Shade Sails  using water and detergents.